Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday March 8, 2006
News Update - Gooya newsonline reporting from ILNA :

Ganji's wife ( Ms. Masumeh Shafiei) in International Women's Day rally : According to the law , Ganji must be released in nine days from the prison !

She said : This matter makes me so much anxious , If I knew from the first day that my husband will spend six years in prison , I could not have tolerate it .
She then spoke of her memory about her husband imprisonment : " The first day that my husband was arrested , I went to see the late judge Moghadas , I was still living with the begining of revolution and was thinking that the revolutionary slogans are still alive, I brought with me the pictures of Ganji from the war front and showed them to judge Moghadas , He told me that these pictures won't worth anything and i requested for a delay of five days for Ganji , so that I could bring him home so that the children won't know that their father went to jail at the time of "Norouz" ( Iranian New Year) . That day I tried not to cry in front of the judge but later all the way to the home i cried. That day was the only day of this six years that i became disappointed and all the time i was thinking at this point that the revolution will eat its children".
She said : In this six years with the help of my friends I was able to tolerate the difficulties and problems , I could also live like other women. During these time I prayed for all political prisoners who are in prison because of their opinion, to be released .

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