Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday May 12,2006
News update: Gooya newsonline reporting from Iran:

Two weeks have past since the arrest of Ramin Jahanbegloo !

Ramin Jahanbegloo the thinker of our country, was arrested in Tehran's Mehrabad Airport on April 28 and was transfered to Evin prison. His arrest was kept secret by the official authorities until May 3rd. After three days when the news was published in the foreign media , the deputy of Tehran's public prosecutor Mr. Mahmoud Salarkia, confirmed the arrest of Mr. Ramin Jahanbegloo without making clear that what was he charged with.Then two days later Mr. Mohseni Ezheie the minister of information confirmed the arrest of Mr. Jahanbegloo by the judiciary authorities and announced :" Jahanbegloo is charged with communicating to foreigners " . Now , two weeks after the arrest of Jahanbegloo , once more his situation in Evin prison is not clear and the silence worries everyone. Unfortunately except the international organizations defending the human rights , no voices of support for Jahanbegloo have been heard by the Iranian political parties, organizations in and outside of Iran. It is in this situation which makes the organizations of human rights defenders to worry more about the situation of Mr. Ramin Jahanbegloo.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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