Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday June 18,2006
News in brief - Iran Emroozonline reporting from " Khabar Nameh Amirkabir " :

Increasing pressure on Polytechnich !

Temporary banning order of 11 independent students publication was issued !
After the past weeks of intervention by the " Basij " and the " representative of the leadership" in the election of the amirkabir University ( Tehran's Politechnich) and the participation of 2800 student in this election and the scandalous defeat of out of place intervention of irresponsible people in this election , the university authorities at the begining of summer vacation put pressure on student activists.
At the same time it was heared that the temporary banning of 11 independent students publication was issued. This action was brought to the attention of the publication editors and the editors are preparing a protest letter to Dr. Khoramshad the cultural deputy of the minister of science .
in another news there has been saying that during the 10 days of protest by the Polytechnich students, tens of summons from the deciplinary committee of the university was issued for the student activists.
Reporters are banned to cover the events in the university and in one instance a reporters camera was broken by university guards and students activists could only speak to reporters from behind the bars of the campus.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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