Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday June 12,2006
News update: Iran Emroozonline reporting from "Advar News ":

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Rough suppression of the women's peaceful gathering in Tehran !

The women's gathering in" Hafte Tir " circle in Tehran was severly suppressed by the Especial forces and security forces and more than 60 person is arrested .
According to Advar news reporter from "Hafte Tire" circle in Tehran , the police forces , among them women police officers could be seen with green uniform and equiped with Batum and tear gas attacked the women in order to disperse them.
This gathering was a protest to the anti women law of the Islamic Republic and was organised by the many human rights activists . The gathering started with close to 5000 in " Hafte Tir " circle at 4:30 pm.
The women protesters with placards and slogans in support of women's rights rallied in and around " Hafte Tir " circle was attacked by the police and security forces and plain cloths agents .
According to Advar News reporter ; Four mini bus of police forces which was sent to the gathering area was filled with women protesters and drove away to an unknown place. This reports added : In addition to severe physical confrontation which caused many protesters to injuries , many women and men were also ended with breathing problems because of the use of tear gas and pepper spray by the police forces.
The following are the arrested people:
Engineer Mosavi Khoeiniha ( general secretary of the " Danesh Amoukhtegan " organization )
Samira Sadri ( Member of the policy making of the organization )
Bahareh Hedayat ( Secretary of commission on women - " Daftare Tahkim " student organization )
Zhila Baniyaghub ( journalist and women activist)
Bahman Ahmadi-amouie ( writer )
Atefeh Yusefi ( secretary of the student in Sharif University )
Masumeh Loghmani ( Student activist from Al-zahra university)
Delaram Aramfar
Delaram Ali ( Student activist from Tehran University)
Noushin Ahmadikhorasani
Kaveh Mozafari ( Student from Tehran University)
Fovad Shams (Student from Alameh University)

Also in this morning and in continuation of many more phone threats by security agents Ms. Shahla Entesari, Ms. Parvin Ardalan , Ms. Firuzeh Mozafari and many other women were arrested .
In this protest " Advar Tahkim ", women activists , human rights defenders and member of the bus transit union were participated.

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