Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday June 6,2006
News in Brief - Iran Emroozonline reporting :

This award belong to the Iranian freedom lovers!

Akbar Ganji, the Iranian journalist, Today Monday June 5, in the 2nd " World Association of Journalists " in Moscow recieved the golden pen award of the 2006 .
The ceremony of recieving the golden pen was held in Keremlin Palace . The four days session of the "World Association of Journalists" from yesterday Sunday June 4 , with the participation of 1500 managers and editors of the world creditable newspapers begin in Moscow.
Mr. Ganji after recieving the award have said: The award that was given to him belong to all freedom lovers , those who believe different than the authorities and to all Iranian journalists who have lost their life in defending the freedom and human rights or in a way were deprived from their social and civil rights.

IRAN WATCH CANADA will bring you the full message in a bit later.


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