Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday June 6,2006
News in Brief-

It is every women's rights to go to the stadium and watch the games !

Last Wednesday May 31st ,2006 , Iran's national soccer team had a friendly play with Bosnia. This game was in preparation of Iran's team for the coming world cup in Germany . Several young women ( The same group which started a campaign for women to be allowed to enter to the soccer stadium and to see the games ) attended at the door of the stadium before the game started. Because they weren't allowed to see the game, they brought a small TV and displayed it outside the stadium as a symbolic gesture and displayed it on the lawn close to the door of the stadium to watch the game .
The police force as well as the " sister police force " were ready to deal with this group of women .They banned filming and taking picture and in one case took the camera of a young woman and arrested one person who was released later . The police forces were asking the group to disperse and go home .
The " Sisters police force " were telling the group that : " Why do you want to go into the stadium .In there you will hear indecent words ". We told them that : " Let us to decide , we are not kids that others will decide for us " .
One of the reason for banning the women not to see the soccer game according to the Islamic Republic law is that the women are not allowed to see the bare feet of the soccer players !? .
It is needed to say that the Islamic Republic also banned women's game to be viewed in TV.

The following were the slogans:
Women have other rights too , what about their other rights ?

"My share, women's share , Half of freedom " !

To enter to the stadium is our legitimate rights !


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