Wednesday, August 30, 2006

News in Brief- Iran Emroozonline reporting from "ILNA ":

Shireen Ebadi the Noble Peace Prize winner(On 2003) is being threatened with death !

She spoke about receiving a threatening letter and announced that she would act on this letter immediately. In speaking with ILNA's reporter she announced : " Today a letter was delivered by post to my office, the letter had a forged address, and someone as a woman threthened me to death and have announced that there is a list with the names of 3,470 people and my name is also included in the list and that soon I would be punished for my deed ".
She said : " I have recieved similar letter in the past and this shows that some people are intending by creating fear to prevent the activities of human rights defenders in Iran , for this reason, i would like to tell to all those people who have recieved this letter , no to become intimidated and not to slow their activities , because the gole of these letters are to intimidate the human rights defenders".
She said : "After returning from a Hiroshima peace conference in Japan i would immediately follow the letter legally . Although I know there would be no result by pursuing the letter legally but as a lawyer I feel it is a duty to bring this situation to the attention of judiciary authorities and their duty to protect its citizens , the most important duty of every government is to protect the security ".
It is needed to say that; A few days ago nine Noble Peace Prize winners in a statement criticized the government of Iran about the threat on the life of Shireen Ebadi and their opposition on the formation of the " Association of Human Rights Defenders ".

Link to this news in Farsi:

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