Monday, August 21, 2006

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Monday August 21/2006
Brown out in the internet of the country by a politically black out government !
According to the site of " Baztab " after sometime disconnection and then connection in internet , since last night almost 80% of the internet in the country is disconnected therefore only 20% of internet users in the country are able to use the internet. The Iranian officials blame Turkey and Emarat( UAE) for this problem.The official said : "Because we dont have support system therefore it is natural to have this kind of problem". This situation brought a crisis in the internet of the country. The official added : " Ministry of communication must find out who is to blame for this problem".
In Iran there are more than 7 million internet users and more than 700 thousands bloggers who are active in reporting and writing. Ahmadinejad government is the number one enemy of freedom of expression , independent media, journalists and of course bloggers.
To add to this news is the new crack down on the satelite by the order of government again in Tehran and other citys .

Link to this news in Farsi :

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