Monday, September 25, 2006

Regime continues targeting students !- Title from IWC

Summary of a report written by Hassan Zarezade Ardeshir in Roozonline , translated by "IWC"

* As the new school year started in Iran the disciplinary forces in " Amir Kabir" Technical University has started to remove the student publications such as " Dochar " and " Vazheh" from the campus.

* Four member students of the Islamic Association of " Bu Ali Sina " University has been summoned to the " NAJA " ( A national security organization) .

* Eleven students are suspended for one or two semester by the disciplinary committee of the university .

* The expulsion of Payman Aref the student of Tehran University became certain .

* Last week 74 students file for not continuing their education was closed by " Herasat " office stationed in universities.

* At present Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah ( Lawyer ) has accepted the case file of 17 students who have been identified by one -two or three stars beside their name and are being banned for enrolement.

* Mr. Mehdi Amini is another student activist from "Mofid" University who is not allowed to continue his higher education.

* On Sunday Mr. Amin Nazari member of central council of the Association of Medical Science University of Hamadan in speaking with "ILNA " reported that; four members of this association have been summoned to " NAJA " and their names are as follows :Mr. Mostafa Pahlevani- president of the association, Mr. Samad Azizi member of the central council and head of the political committee, Mr. Farzad Shiri member of the council and Mr. Amin Azizi .

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