Tuesday, October 17, 2006

News in brief-

Islamic Republic's court sentenced a student to lashes !

with the order of branch number one of the court of revolution and branch number 102 of the general court division of Yazd city Mr. Mohammad Reza Rahimirad former member of the Republican Students Association of Yazd University was sentenced either to pay 10 million " Tuman " cash to the court or spened six months in jail and recieve 30 lashes.
This student activist was charged with : " Insult to the leader of the Islamic Republic " and " Insult to the university guard " .
The Republican Students Association of Yazd University was dissolved by the control board at the end of the reformist government.
Mr. Rahimirad said: These charges are baseless and i'm going to appeal to one of the court during the legal time that i have .

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