Thursday, October 12, 2006

All we needed was this one?! Islamic Republic regime in Iran is digging its grave?

The spkesperson for the " Hezbollah of Iran " Mr. Mojtaba Bigdeli has announced that the Hezbollah of Iran started its news reporting from Wednesday October 11/06.He said that : "Since last year the Hezbollah of Iran had plan for publishing its news and views and the increase of its media activities.He said : In the early of this year the newspaper "Hezbollah" started its test paper which is now being distributed all over the country.He added : The news site of Hezbollah was started from last year but from last Wednesday this site will start its activity as News Agency . He said that the News Agency in addition of reporting the official news from Hezbollah, it will also report the latest political, cultural,,economical and social news from Iran and the world. The spoksperson for the Hezbollah of Iran said : In the first step the newspaper of Hezbollah ( Organ ) was published, in the next step the "Hezbollah News Agency" with professional members in an appropriate plce in the city of Tehran has started its activity. He Said : We have prioritized to establish " Kheibar " station and we have started the project and certainly in an appropriate time the programe for this channel covering Europe, America and Middle East will be aired.The reason for the delay he said: is because of Zionist influence for preventing the contract with satelite networks , but the Hezbollah TV will soon overcome on this problem.

Link to this news in Farsi :

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