Monday, October 09, 2006

News in Brief:

The managing editor of " Ravanshenasiye Jameh" (The psychology of society ) in court : I'm not a misdemeanant but i'm proud of what i have written about intricate questions .

Mr. Alireza Khoshandam the managing editor of " Ravanshenasiye Jameh " was summoned to court because of complaint was filed against an article in his magazin , the title of the article was :
" Ogling is a part of unhealty sexual habit" .

Mr. Khoshandam in his defense have said: "The magazin is completely specialized and does not blong to Iran's yellow magazin , in this magazin we write as an expert in psychology , we have even reader in places like polices force, army, Tehran University students , ' Emdad Committee' , ministry of education , medical centres and consultation " .

Mr. Khoshandam : The magazin is completely scientific and specialized and does not carry any political activity , I believe this magazin should recieve the award for boldly writing the problems in the society.
In his last defense in the court Mr. Khoshandam said: "One day these believe must be defeated and sometimes i decide by my silence to answer the court ".
The judege of this court hearing was Mr. Sarami the judge of branch number 76 of Tehran penal the end of the court hearing , the judge together with his assistants and "press watch dogs" reviewed the case and found the accused not guilty and the judge after giving a lecture on Islamic ethic to the editor closed the case.
*** In another news the review of the bill of indictment against managing editor of " Jayezeh ( Jadval) " publication which was supposed to take place in the branch number 76 of Tehran penal court was adjourned due to the absence of its managing editor.

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