Friday, October 06, 2006

News in brief-

The lives of political prisoners in Iran is in great ganger !

"ISNA" reported that : While the lawyer of Ahmad Batebi based on Batebi's wife comment, is worried about his clients situation, the deputy public prosecutor of Tehran said: Today i was in prison and there is nothing to worry about Batebi's situation.

Mr. Khalil Bahramian the lawyer for Batebi in speaking with ISNA said : It is close to three months that Mr.Ahmad Batebi is incarcerated in cell number 209 in Evin prison and up to now i had no meeting with him, i won't have meeting with my client if he is being kept in cell number 209. Batebi's wife have had a meeting with her husband and announced that she is worried about her husbands situation and apparently there was a confrontation between prison agents , Batebi and his wife.

Mr. Khalil Bahramian who is also lawyer of Mr. Khaled Hardani, about his client said that : "My client is charged with " action against national security" and because of this he is sentenced to death , but i have protested to the suprem court and the file is under review ". He added : "Mr. Khaled Hardani was a witness to the death of Mr. Akbar Mohammadi ".

Mr. Akbar Mohammadi is one of the student leader who in a few months ago went on hunger strike in Evin prison and died mysteriousely in Evin prison.

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