Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Noble Peace Price winner Shirin Ebadi's book " Irane Man " ( My Iran ) is published in 17 langugages but it is not allowed to be published in Iran !
Shirin Ebadi's book " Irane Man " was recently published in Swedish language , She was present among Iranian and swedish in an Estokholm College of Commerce.The book is published by
" Prisma" in sweden. A meeting which was organized by the College of Commerce and Prisma Ms. Ebadi said: The reason for not publishing my book in Iran is because of censorship and it is possible for me to publish it in " Farsi " here in abroad, but i dont want to do that, and i want to wait until i'll publish it in "Farsi" in Iran.This has special meaning to me and it shows that i can't publish my book in my own country.
In her book she wrote : " When the revolution become victorious , i was the judge of a court,I had a job which i loved so much and i worked hard for it, in the early months after the revolution they have told me that because you are woman you can't be a judge anymore , because judge gives verdict and in Islam giving verdict by women is prohebited, this was told to me by those who in a few months earlier were in agreement with me, as a result they have transfered me to the research section, a few months later the law for hiring judges was ratified and the women judges were reduced to office employees and i became the clerk of the same court that i was the judge one day , i couldn't tolerate the new situation and at the first opportunity requested for early retirement ".
Shirin Ebadi continues: " I remember when they were ratifing the punishment(penal) law , one morning as usual i had a newspaper in my hand and i red a news about this issue and i thought i have red it wrong , i red it again, i thought my mind was in somewhere else, i could not perceive, they have written that the evidence given by two women is equal to a man. They have written that ; woman's life worth half of man's life, I become so angry that i got migraine and unfortunately since then every time i become angry my migraine returned ".
She spoke about the court of " political chain murdering" , that one of the executioner of these murdering have told in the court : " We executed the order , and even for a work which was supposed to be done at 11:30pm , we have recieved overtime pay ! why do you accuse us for murder ? ".
Shirin Ebadi is the first Iranian who have recieved Noble Price in year 2003.

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