Thursday, November 30, 2006

News in brief-

Journalist and manager of a newspaper in "Baku" - Republic of Azarbayjan are condemned to death !
Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani issued a "Fatwa" ( religious statement) against journalist and manager of a newspaper in "Baku " .

Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani in response to a group of his followers in Azarbayjan Republic , issued death sentence for the writer and manager of the newspaper in Azarbayjan for insulting Islams' prophet .
According to the report; a group of follower to Mr. Lankarani from Azarbayjan Republic wrote a letter to him and said:
Recently one of the newspaper of Azarbayjan Republic by the name of " San-at " wrote an article from "Rafegh Taghi " an Azari apostate journalist in its pages, which brought anger of the moslems in the region. In his article, the writer tried to show Euroup and its religion which is christianity from all viewpoint is higher than Middle East and its religion which is Islam. He also in a section of his article insulted to the holy presence of prophet with indecent and incompetent words and rediculed all the holyness of Islam and at the end of the article stated that ; He has written all these with conscience and intentionally and will write it again . Meanwhile , the same newspaper has lampooned and despised the holyness of Islam for many times and even in its several issue has published the hated book of Salman Rushdie " The Satanic Verses" .
At the end of the letter they wrote:
Question: What is the duty of the moslems towards this intolerable matter?
Ayatollah Lankarani's response was:
If this person is born as moslem , by such confessions is an apostate and if he was an infidel by these confession anyone who is close to him must kill him and the manager of the newspaper who publishes these thoughts and ideas with full attention and knowledge must have the same fate. God will protect Islam from its enemies.

Lankaran is a place in Azarbayjan but Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani is born in Iran and has studied in the city of Najaf in Iraq and his followers are from this place.

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