Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Roozonline -
Nov. 29,2006

Iranian member of the parliament: "Canadian Embassy in Tehran is the 2nd espionage nest and must be closed" !

Arian manesh, member of the parliament from the city of Mashhad , speaking in the parliament have said, the officials of the embassy were using it as for espionage, he then said : "Minister of Information will be summoned to the parliament and the parliament will investigate about the espionage activity of the embassy in Tehran and if the espionage activity is confirmed then the representatives of the parliament will strongly decide to close the Canadian Embassy as the 2nd espionage nest. The Foreign Minister is responsible and must seriousely act on this. If this is the case, that Canada will take the place of Americans in Iran we will act seriousely " .

This is apparently what is going on in Iran on Canada- Iran relation just a week after that Canada presented its' third resolution on violation of human right against Iran to the third committee of UN general assembly.
Iran also presented a resolution against Canada for violation of human rights inside Canada, violation such as : Aboriginal rights , racism on immigrants and .... ,107 countries voted negative to this resolution presented by Islamic Republic , only Cuba , North Korea and Burma voted for the resolution.

As a result , the Islamic Republic also banned on buying wheat from Canada and their concern is that it is mixed with weeds and ...

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