Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Islamic Republics' Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Manuchehr Motaki on the resolution that Canada presented against Iran to the UN general assembly have said:
During the past years Canada has left a bad record for herself in a way that the embassy of Canada in Iran acted as spy for US and also had positions with regards to the problems of the region.
According to the reporter of ILNA , Mr. Manuchehr Motaki the Foreign Minister of IR in response to the questions of reporters on the Canadian governments' resolution against Iran have said :During the last two years Canada has done things, apparently as representative to London and Washington in a way that the Governor General of Canada must yet coordinate herself with London and Washington therefore we hope Canada will gain its independence .
Motaki said: The unquestionable support of Canada to the savagely killings of Palestinians by Zionist regime and other crisis in the region is filed against this country.
He said : The Canadian action is known to everyone , that is the west in recent years using the human rights as a political tool for its double standard policy.
He also said that : The Iranian government has also presented a resolution against Canada for its' violation of the rights of some of the captive Canadian people to the UN , but since this is a new resolution and the members are not familiar with the situation in Canada , this might not pass , but this will become the policy of Iran against Canada from now on .
He said : Canada is not an important country in the world and it's record in Iran is very clear.

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