Sunday, November 19, 2006

News in brief from Iran-

A student was murdered in the city of Sabzewar by a "Basiji" student ( Students that are acting as ears and eyes of regime in universities).

According to "Adwar" news , Mr. Tohid Ghafarzadeh student from "Azad" university - Sabzewar branch was murdered by the knife of a "Basiji" student from "Tarbiat moalem" university .
Mr. Mostafa Sedaghatju the former president of the Islamic Association of Sabzewar University while offering his condolence to the students have told to Adwar news that : " On the evening of Saturday at around 8:00pm the victim together with his fiancee were standing beside the exit door of the university, when argument started between him and a Basiji student and then the murderer (Basiji student ) brought out a knife from his pocket and striked to the victims' chest and as a result of this blow Mr. Tohid Ghafarzadeh was killed in Sabzewar Emdadi hospital.
Mr. Sedaghatju added : According to the head of Herasat office in Sabzewars' Tarbiat Moalem University , the striker claims that he has done this act as of his religious duty and belief .
Mr. Sedaghat said that the authorities must respond to this murder and say where is the red line for militia group in the universities? And can anyone who has a membership card of these organizations in his pocket do anything he wants ? ...............
Mr. Sedaghatju continued by saying : Three weeks ago another things happened to students, at that time two motorcycle riders have attacked several boys and girls student of the same university and assaulted them and when the students staged a protest against these actions and for their security, the university officials summoned 10 of these students to the diciplinary committee.

Link to this news in Farsi :
This news have also been published in ISNA :

* Herasat office ( Are stationed in every universities , government offices...... and they are the ear and eyes of regime ).

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