Wednesday, November 15, 2006

News in brief from Iran -
Naser Zarafshan in speaking with his wife reported about the attack on political prisoners !
Roozonline report - By Hassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir

Yesterday, several dangerous convicted criminals in Evin prison have attacked the political prisoners and caused severe injuries to some of them including Dr. Naser Zarafshan ( Lawyer & human rights defender ). The wife of Dr. Zarafshan in speaking with Roozonline have confirmed this news .
Dr. Naser Zarafshan in a telephone contact with his wife at 4:00pm ( Iranian time) have announced that the clashes in Evin prison is still going on , he said this clashes are a calculated one .
Ms. Homa Zarafshan the wife of Naser Zarafshan in speaking with Rooz have said : " After two days of having no news , finally my husband in a short telephone contact was able to say that a group of wicked prisoners were brought from "Rejaie Shahr" prison to Evin prison so that with the help of some of the elements in Evin prison such as Esmail Eftekhari known as " Esmail the razor man " to put the political prisoners under pressure and to confront with them ".

As well, the other day , "Committee Defending Political Prisoners" in a statement in Tehran have announced that : " Based on the news received , today, Wednein an attack by some of the dangerous criminals to political prisoners , several of these prisoners have been severely beaten and some of them like Dr. Zarafshan , Mr. Said Shahghaleh, Mr. Gholam Kaabi and Mr. Shahin Nia were wounded ".
Although the prison official knew about all these, but stayed away and did nothing.At present Mr. Said Shahghaleh was transfered to cell # 240 ( solitary confinement ) and the political prisoners demanded that Mr. Shahghaleh must be returned to Cell # 350 , if not they will stage hunger strike.
According to this report, the life of political prisoners is in great danger.

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