Saturday, November 11, 2006

News in brief from Iran :

According to " Fars " news agency ; the number of internet users in Iran during the year 2000-2006 shows an increase of 30 times from 250,000 to 7,500,000 and therefore in the Middle East, Iran is on the first place for the increase in internet users.

According to the economic reporter of " Fars " news agency , in the year 2006 the population of Iran has reached to 69,442,000 and from this number 10.8 % have hands on internet and the number of internet users in the year 2000 this number was only 250,000.
Again, according to this news : The internet users in Israel is 3,700,000 and Saudi Arabia with 2,540,000 and UAE with 1,397,000 . And this news added that , the internet users in all of Middle East is 19, 028,400 and the population of the region has reached to 190,000,000.
Internet users in Asia- 394,872,000
China - 123,000,000
Japan- 86,000,000
India- 60,000,000

Link to this news in Farsi :

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