Saturday, November 11, 2006

News in Brief from Iran:

The site of "Entekhab" is filtered again !
The latest site of "Entekhab" news agency ( ) is also been filtered.

During the last 12 days, many viewers of the site of "Entekhab" called and have said that ;
" Today , we are unable to visit the site ", They have also said that: " They will try to follow Entekhabs' news by breaking the filter " .
Entekhab reporter in a telephone contact, while confirming the news of filtering by the Telecommunication Filtering Centre have said that:" But until now, no reason was given for filtering this site ".
It is needed to say that : The site of ( ) was also filtered a year ago by the " Supreme council for cultural revolution ".
Mr. Mostafa Faghihi the editor in chief of "Entekhab " news agency said that apparently from this afternoon it is impossible to visit the site of "Entekhab".
He said: he hopes unlike last year ,this time by protesting against this action , the filtering will be removed from the site of "Entekhab".

At present this is the address of the site :
And this is another link to the site :

Link to this news in Farsi:

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