Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The high price for internet is the greatest problem for internet users !
The manager of an internet service provider: The government must lower the price of internet .

The manager of an internet service provider have said: The internet expenses in Iran unlike other countries is very high and the expenses for ISP companies is the reason for the high prices and because of this high prices the quality of services have also been effected.
Mr. Mehran Salehian in speaking with ISNA have said : Some of these internet users have difficulty connecting to internet and some because of low internet speed can not use the internet information.
He added that : The policy of government must be in a way to lower the expenses of internet , why ? because the biggest problem of internet users is the high price of internet.
He also criticized the wrongfully filtering of internet sites , he said : Instead of filtering there must be the culture of using the internet.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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