Thursday, November 02, 2006

Petition to save Ashraf Kalhori from death by stoning
To: The Judiciary Chief of Iran
Cc: The Iranian Parliament Representatives

We are deeply concerned that Ashraf Kalhori, a 37-year-old mother of four, has been sentenced to death for having had an extramarital relationship. We are further concerned that she has been sentenced to death by stoning. Death by stoning is one of the most inhumane acts of torturous execution, where the convict is buried alive in a pit with her sheet-covered head exposed outside to be smashed by marble-sized rocks that are thrown by the members of the community. We would like to remind you that as the chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Judiciary, you have ordered a ban on the execution of all cases of stoning as of April, 2001. Hereby, we request that you use your authority as the Judiciary Chief, to enforce such ban and stop the execution of Ashraf Kalhori. At the same time, we are asking the Iranian Parliament representatives to change the criminal law so that an extramarital relationship is not considered a "crime" and that it certainly does not warrant the death penalty.

The Undersigned

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