Monday, October 30, 2006

More arrest from the party in "Gilan" province !

News source: The site of "Baztab" :
News code: 51850

The general manager of the " fight with social mischiefs " in Gilan province, has presented statistics on the number of people arrested in a "pleasure party" in Gilan province and said: Unfortunately the number of people arrested in the first seven months of this year compared to the same time of last year has shown an increase of 44% and the number of individuals arrested are 974 .

Colonel Bahadorian in speaking with ISNA have said : The reasons for these anti-cultural phenomenon are; unemployment, increase in expenses for marriage , increase in number of girls, "cultural aggression" and families are not paying attention to religious issues. He has also said in order to fight back with these anti-cultural and social phenomenon the local government must organize different meeting with " office of the Islamic Culture and Guidance " , "Islamic Propaganda Organization " and " Setade Amre be Maruf va Nahy az Monker " ( A women and men group in the citys to fight back with social mischiefs like dress code violation, using makeups, hair covering violation, boy-girl hand holding and .......) and at the same time to organize exhibition in schools , distribution of pamphlet and television programs.

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