Tuesday, October 24, 2006

News in brief-

Iran Emrooz online repoting from ISNA ( Iranian Student News Agency ) :

Three stdents are summoned !

Three students from "Amirkabir University " on October 21 were summoned to the diciplinary committee.
These students are : Mr. Mohammad Salmanpoor, Mr. Ebrahim Rahmani and Mr. Saman Khosravi .
Mr. Salmanpoor in speaking with ISNA have said : I, together with Mr. Ebrahim Rahmani and Mr. Saman Khosravi on Saturday were summoned to the diciplinary committee, my session with committee was held yesterdays evening and i was charged with: "disturbing the university's order " , " participation in an illegal gathering " and " disrupting the program of the Islamic Association.
As well, the diciplinary committee approved the primary sentencing of " prevention from continuing education " for Mr. Abbas Hakimzadeh . Mr. Hakimzadeh in speaking with ISNA have said:" Before i recieve the sentencing, i recieved a letter from the committee that we are not allowed to publish the publication ( "Vazhe Nou" publication) ( Fresh diction). He also added : The "Herasat" office ( Regim's watch dogs ) in university does not permit me to enter to the university .These verdict was the result of ten days unrest by students of this university on June of this year.
In response to a question that why this student have no right to enter to the university, Mr. Ataei the deputy of student affair in Amirkabir University said: We are not allowed to explain about the verdict , the verdicts are completely secret".

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