Tuesday, October 17, 2006

News update-

2nd day of confrontations in Amirkabir University !

Amirkabir University bulletin reported that : Yesterday the Association of Islamic Students of Amirkabir University ( Polytechnic ) had a protest gathering and demanded for the release of doctor Keyvan Ansari and knowing of his situation and on Tuesday again the students gathered for free speeches in university theater.
Doctor Rahaei is the representative of islamic leader in university . He has interfered in the free Islamic students election and as a result there was 10 days of unrest in this university , then 2800 students participated in the election and elected new central council of the association. Dr. Rahaei then in an illegal action during the summer holiday and at midnight ordered his agents to break and enter to the association's office and remove and transfer all the documents and equipements to an unknown location , Mr. Rahaei in another action gave the association 's license to small group of " Basiji " (pro-government ) students . From the begining of classes again in october he brought an atmosphere of heavy security and banned the disribution of student publications in the campus.
Knowing all these, in this week on Tuesday the appointed "Basiji" student group organized an event about the " khebregan leadership " election, this brought protest by the majority of the students and in a protest action the majority of students warnned that they won't allow any activities to this group under the name of Association of Islamic Students.
The students staged a protest rally in front of Theater where the " Basiji's were holding their events inside the theater they sang songs and chanted slogans in suppoert of Islamic Students Association, the security forces were unable to stop students from entering into the theater .
The students were chanting " Basiji get out " , " security get lost " , " We support you the elected association" and " the appointed association must be abolished ". .
The small group of Basiji students were forced by the majority students to go out of the theater, after they have left the theater the students oppened their general meeting , this session ended with free speeches and dialogues.
Will be continued.......

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