Wednesday, October 18, 2006

News in Brief-

After three days and three numbers , "Roozgar" newspaper was ordered to stop it's publication !

According to ILNA's reporter a letter was sent by the ministry of culture & guidance ( internal media office) to Mr. Farzaneh Kharghani the manager in charge of " Roozgar " newspaper that " Roozgar " should publish it's paper without political page. This letter was signed by Mr. Alaedin Zahurian the general manager of ministry of guidance ( internal media) , the letter emphasized that since the license given to Roozgar had no permission for political page , therefore this newspaper is not allowed to publish Iran's political news .
Roozgar started it's publication since last monday ( Oct. 16/2006).

Right after this news went on ILNA's wire , ILNA news agency asked from its readers not to use the above news.
It is needed to say that; Roozgar is using the editorial of Sharq newspaper . There have been alot of questions that why Roozgar can't have political page while many other newspapers with the same license can write political news.
Journalists who are working for Roozgar have written on their blog that ; Roozgar have been closed for some changes and may resume its publication after " Ramadan " ( The month of fasting) .
The Media Watch Dogs from Ministry of Culture & Guidance banned the publication of Roozgar because they believe the paper is a social newspaper and not political and based on the law only 20% of its written matterial can be political .
From tomorrow Roozgar is not going to be published . Roozgar is ended with the same destiny as Sharq , someone does not like Sharq to be published with any other name.

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