Thursday, October 19, 2006

News update-
Follow up on Zahra Kazemi's case.
German Radio (DW)
An interview by : Behnam Bavandpoor

Interview w/ Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah about assigning the case file of Zahra Kazemi to supreme court !
"Ms. Zahra Kazemi have been murdered and there are enough witness,evidence and reason which could help easily identify the murderers".

ISNA on quoting from Dr. Seifzadeh one of the lawyer for the family of Zahra Kazemi reported that; the case file have been assigned to branch number 15 of suprem court .
Zahra Kazemi is the Canadian - Iranian photojournalist who, while taking picture from the family of the political prisoners in front of Evin prison in Tehran on June 2003, was arrested and according to her lawyers at the same time in prison was beaten up and later murdered.
does assingning the case file of Zahra Kazemi to suprem court means a sign to clarify the file which have been in court for many years ?
Mr. Dadkhah , does assigning the case file of Zahra Kazemi to suprem court means reopening and following of this file?
Mohammad Ali Dadkhah: Yes, almost can be coceived that the file is now going to be looked at , although legally its been happening with delay, but we hope based on legal measures of reasons and understandings that we put forward for the suprem court , we will arrive to a positive result.
Mr. Dadkhah , Was this a result of pressures and efforts by you and other lawyers of Kazemi's family or it was a move by judiciary power itself ?
Mohammad Ali Dadkhah: No, the file was not going anywher in the court , i should say that ; our demands and the rights of the family members was the force behind reopening the case again.
Dr. Seifzadeh another family lawyer of Zahra Kazemi have announced that : This file was given to a council in suprem court for study and preparation of report, Mr. Dadkhah, what will be clarified by this report ?
Mr. Dadkhah: This report will identify the past process of the file and also it will be a start for the suprem court to make a decision.
From the legal stand point , when a file like the death of Zahra Kazemi's can become closed or be called as closed?
Mr. Dadkhah: the verdict must be the final one or peremptory , meaning, the file will arrive to a point that there won't be possibility to follow further or it will come to a stage that we won't be able to protest to a higher body , but so far this file havn't been arrived to both of these points.
Mr. Dadkhah , that means in judiciary power's stand point , the file of Zahra Kazemi is not yet closed?
Mr. Dadkhah: Correct, I must tell, based on the law over the file , this file is still open and the judiciary power must decide about it.

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