Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Swedish TV has produced a program on the kidney market in Iran.

People coming and going to an office which arranges the buy and sell of kidney. The price of each
kidney according to the office employees is 3 millions and five hundered thousands Tuman ( Each Canadian dollar is equal to 900 Tuman ) , of this money 2 millions and five hundered thousands comes from the reciever and one million comes from the government. The possible seller must be preferably young and 23 years and not old . In 2 cases that you see in the video , one reciever is a young boy and the seller is a young woman and in the other case the young man with goatee is the seller who recieves the money while laying on the bed and then tells to her wife that this is the last money we have and we must organize our spending. All of them say they sell their kidney because of the need to pay the rent, debt and other means to continue their lives in a pretty expensive living condition in big citys.

See the video here:

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