Tuesday, October 31, 2006

News in brief-
News source: ISNA (Iranian Students News Agency)

Rail Road crosses on " Naghshe Rostam"* !
They have no compassion even to the site of "Takhte Jamshid"*(Parseh)!
* Is one of the historic site
*A legendary Persian King's throne- A historic site

One of the research foundation member of the "Pasargad" has emphasized that : The passage of a rail road in front of " Naghshe Rostam" in "Tkhte Jamshid" collection based on the hight of its foundation will not allow to view the site and will destroy the landscape.
Mr. Ali Asadi in speaking with ISNA's reporter have added:The soil that is needed for construction of this rail road will have 5-8 meters hight and this problem will destroy the landscape and wont allow the people to see the historic site . The distance between the rail road and the historic site is around 250-300 meters and the vibration of the ground and the noise will also bring unpleasent effect on " Naghshe Rostam". The rail road is going from Isfahan to Shiraz . Both citys known for its many historic site .

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