Friday, November 03, 2006

Human rights in Iran and the Middle East region......

Have gone under the shadow of the international question on Iran's nuclear energy and military exercise by US and Her allied Persian Gulf states . At the same time Iran is also showing her teeth by conducting a similar exercise. What is forgotten is the international exercise on human rights . As a result of all these tension around the world which is really threatening not only the human rights situation in each country of the world but also the very existance of human .

It is at this situation that madame Shirin Ebadi the Iranian Noble Peace Prize winner on Thursday October 26 have said : " Iran's nuclear case have overshadowed human rights situation in this country" . She has salso added that : " During the last two years the only discourse that have taken place between the world society and Iran was that of Iran's nuclear energy".

Last week on Saturday October 28 in Toronto University we had a meeting with Mr. Maurice Capithorne the former UN reporter on human rights situation in Iran , in that meeting he has mentioned that the Canadian government prepared "its 4th resolution condemning human rights violation in Iran".

Why only Canada? It is obvious that since the death of Canadian -Iranian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi in Iran the diplomatic relation between Canada and Iran has worsened.

The most important discourse needed in the Middle East region is the discourse of human right and the help to implement it in the society and not war , nuclear energy , terrorism or fear and any other destructive uncivilized discourse . Now it is the right time to speak about the human rights .

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