Sunday, November 05, 2006


Four good reasons to create your blog with Reporters Without Borders and or switch the one you already have to our blog tool
It doesn’t cost much, has no ads and is easy to use You pay €5.90 or €14.90 a month, according to the options you choose. Unlike “free services,” your blog won’t have any ads on it. Our blog system is already used by tens of thousands of bloggers. It’s very simple and has all the options serious bloggers want, including podcasts, photoblogging, personalised design and lots of storage space.
You’ll be helping a good cause Part of your subscription goes to Reporters Without Borders, an NGO that defends press freedom and the rights of journalists and bloggers around the world. The organisation gives financial help to the families of those in prison in repressive countries because of material they’ve posted online. You can “adopt” a jailed cyber-dissident. If you do, the person’s name and photo will automatically appear on the right of your blog. Publicising these prisoners helps them to get released.
You’ll be joining a community of like-minded bloggers Your address will be You can contact others in the rsfblog community, people who know about and are interested in what’s happening on the other side of the world and care about human rights. What you post may be picked up on the front page of “Looking at the world through Blogs,” a website that reviews what bloggers everywhere are doing.
Your personal details will be confidential Unlike some hosts, such as Yahoo !, which work with the police in some repressive countries, we won’t give anyone any details about you as long as your messages are protected by the right to freedom of expression.
I already have a blog. Is it to hard to switch to rsfblog ? No. It just takes a few minutes and our technical team will help you.What is it ?
Each week, "The Blog View of the World" publishes the opinions of bloggers throughout the world on an important development, thereby broadening the range of views on current events. The blogs are selected by a team of bloggers of very diverse origins and cultures. We give priority to blogs which Internet users have written in their mother tongue, and we translate them into English and French.
"The Blog View of the World" reflects the blogosphere’s cultural diversity. Reporters Without Borders is not responsible for the view expressed on this website.

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