Thursday, November 09, 2006

News in Brief-
Nov. 9,2006

Arrest in Kurdistan !
Four Human Rights activists have been arrested in Kurdistan!

Reporters of "Organization for the Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan" (RMMK) : Mr. Ghafur Mohammadi member of " RMMK " together with Ms. Kazhal Mohammadi , Leila Kharazi and Aziz Abdolahi are arrested.
On Tuesday November 7,2006 in the city of "Piranshahr" Mr. Ghafur Mohammadi member of (RMMK) together with his wife Ms. Kazhal Mohammadi were arrested by the security forces. It has been told that two other people who were with Mr. Mohammadi at the time of his arrest were also arrested , they are : Mr. Aziz Abdolahi and Ms. Leila Kharazi .
It is needed to note that : The reason for the arrest of the members of (RMMK ) is not yet been identified .

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