Saturday, November 11, 2006

News in brief from Iran:
Workers protest in Iran on the rise !(IWC)

Workers gathered for their rights !

These days Iran is witnessing with many protest by workers , they ask from the officials in the government to listen to their demands but no one is listening to them . " No one is understanding our problems , we tell them that we haven't recieved our salary for several months and they tell us to wait......".

They are trying to change the labor law ,so that; they can easily layoff the workers, we are against changing the labor law . In almost every workers protest there are clashes between the police and labor activists and there are always arrests .

This picture shows protest by the workers of "silk & velvet makers "of Kashan .
Link to this protest :

Workers of " Nakhe Naz " In Gilan province demand for their rights and salaries.

Officials of "Islamic labor council" meet with Rafasanjani the second man in Islamic Republic and Rafsanjani told them that they must not be passive towards the rights of workers in Iran.

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