Tuesday, November 14, 2006

News in brief from Iran -

Stop execution of Sina !

Ms. Nasrin Sotudeh (an attorney) in speaking with Ms. Nanaz Oveisi the reporter of Rooz announced that; the Islamic Republic judiciary system is trying to put a young teenager to death.
She requested from judiciary power and government to stop this execution.
She said : " At the time of the crime Sina was only 16 year old , but he turned 18 on 5th of last September , and for this reason on September 20 he went to gallows tree for execution ,but because of the two months delay time given by the victims' family, the execution was postponed for two months .
The attorney added that : The two months delay in execution of Sina will end on November 21 /2006 and he once more will be facing the gallow tree , therefore i demand this execution to be stopped .
Nasrin Sotudeh: I would like to ask from the government and public to do whatever necessary to stop the execution of Sina.

Background :
Based on the latest document received , Sinas' psychologist have announced that he ( Sina ) has seen the doctor in the year 2002-2003 and based on Dr. finding Sina was diagnosed with bipolar depression or periodical madness .

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