Thursday, November 23, 2006

News in brief from Iran-
ISNA - Tehran
Nov. 23/2006

Mr. Hosseini the spokesperson for Irans' Mininistry of Foreign Affairs has rejected and denounced the resolution on human rights situation in Islamic Republic of Iran put forward by Canada for the 3rd committee of UN general assembly.
According to ISNA , Mr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini the spokesperson for Irans' Ministry of Foreign Affairs have said : The western policy on human rights is based on double standarad by confronting a specific country, abuses of international society and the resolution put forward by Canada is not exception from this rule. he then added that : We believe that political pressure by presenting state resolution in human rights won't help at all to developement of human rights.
He said: The context of present resolution does not have any relation whatsoever with the situatation and real codition of human rights in Iran and it is based on distortions .
At the end he emphacized on violation of human rights by Canada towards native people and immigrants and the existance of racism , discrimination and anti foreigners policy and therefore canada should not be in a position to present a resolution on human rights about other countries .

He said : The Islamic Republic won't be influenced at all to these kinds of pressures.

IRAN WATCH CANADA:The pressure against Islamic Republic must be continued and infact it must be doubled. It is the persistance on this policy and the more pressure on Islamic Republic of Iran eventually will end with a positive result , otherwise , the regime in Iran learned how to play words and infact shows how desperate they are to get themselves out of isolation. Relation with Canada is very important for the regime in Iran . So thanks to Canada for presenting this resolution.

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