Wednesday, December 06, 2006

News in Brief - Wednesday Dec. 6/2006
Source: Etemad Meli( Roozna)

University is not garrison !
With presence of students from universities in Tehran , students gathered to commemorate " Shanzdahe Azar " ( the Student Day ) .
In a call by " Daftare Tahkime Vahdat " an students organization, students gathered in Tehran University to commemorate " Shanzdahe Azar " the student day.
At the time of gathering , they were preventing students other than Tehran University students from entering to university, but gradually with an increase on the number of students and their move towards the western gate of the university the number was increased and the students outside as well as inside the university broke the gate and entered the university.

In this student gathering which took place beside " Danesh-kade Fani " (Technical College ) of Tehran University, more than 1500 students from all over Tehran universities were present, Mr. Taghi Rahmani a " Meli Mazhabi" activist was the guest speaker , he spoke about the three students that were murdered on Dec. 7/ 1953 and complaint about the problems that students face today in universities. Mr. Rahmani spoke about the need in unity among all students and social movements.

Mr. Ali Niku-Nesbati , member of central council of " Daftare - Tahkime -Vahdat" who was harrassed this morning while entering university by " Herasat forces" ( the ear and eyes of the regime ) blame Ministry of Sciences action toward students and condemned the creation of security atmosphere for student union and activists.

Mr. Mehdi Aminizadeh , one of the student that has star beside his name in the students list , and who was banned to continue his remaining school year in university as a representative of students with star beside their name was another guest who in speaking condemned for banning students to continue their education.
So many police forces were present in and around university .

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