Monday, February 26, 2007

News in brief-
Three journalists from Gilan province are detained !
While the president is in this province; the ministry of information agents have arrested and detained three journalists and human rights activists. These activists are member of " Advar Tahkim Vahdat " an Islamic student organization - Gilan branch and their names are : Mr. Babak Mehdizadeh,Mr. Arash Bahmani and Mr. Kuhzad Esmaili .
Mr. Abdolah Momeni spoksperson for the organization have said: In the evening of Thursday agents from Ministry of Information arrived at " Advar Tahkim Vahdat"- Gilan branch office and by showing their identification card arrested three of its members .
The detainees have contacted their families via phone and reported their arrest but said; they are not interrogated yet.the three journalists as well contacted their families on Friday and told them their court hearing will take place on Sunday. They also told their families that the interrogator have asked them to tell you to prepare yourselves to bail us out.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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