Monday, February 12, 2007

News update :
Report from Arash's account and donation that have received!
Up to this hour 2640 Euro have been deposited to Arash's internet account . 52 people from different part of the world through pay-pal have helped. From Maleysia , Japan , Portugal and UAE to Sweden , Canada , Australia and America have helped. 2 people have paid cash. Some have deposited money directly to Arash's account in Iran. Arash Sigarchi will go to surgery on February 20th , he needs two surgery ( for removing the tumor and reconstructing his tongue). The medical expenses is gargantuan.It has been said that the expense might be around 10 million Tuman ( 1 Canadian dollar is = 700-800 Tuman depends on the market).

Arash Sigarchi is the imprisoned journalist and blogger .

This email is to responce you if you have any question:

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