Friday, March 16, 2007

News in brief-
March 16, 07

Two NGO offices has been closed !

"Rahi" Legal Centre and Workshop Centre for the NGO organizations has been closed.
In the evening of Thursday March 15,the office of Rahi Legal Centre and Workshop Centre for NGO Organizations was searched and closed by the agents of Tehran court of revolution.
The " Rahi " Legal Centre is founded by Ms. Shadi Sadr the lawyer and a defender of women's rights. The Centre was managed by a group of volunteer lawyers. This Centre was giving affordable counselling to women. This centre was very successful in defending the women's rights.
The Workshop Centre for NGO organizations is founded and suppervised by Ms. Mahbubeh Abasgholizadeh one of civil and human rights activist and it is trying to help to educate civil and human rights organizations.
According to "Meydan" reporter Mr. Shahram Masibi centre's accountant who was asked by the agent to come to the office said: Both offices in the evening of thursday was searched ,video taped and then closed.
Shadi and Mahbubeh are both in prison since Sunday March 4 / 07.Both of them today called their families and have said that they are together in a cell and they are no loger in a solitary confinement.

(IWC) -Under the shadow of nuclear issues, Ahmadinejad's government is trying to suppress the voice of democracy and human rights, semi -independent media, journalists , bloggers , writers and is buisy closing the NGO's.

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