Monday, April 16, 2007

Whats happening in Iran?
The head of the teachers union Mr. Aliakbar Baghani was arrested while the students were taking their exam in the class.
The secretary general of the Iranian Teachers Union was arrested in this morning while his students were taking their exam in the class.
Today at around 9:30 am three agents with plaincloths attended at " Roshd" high school, while two of the agents waited in the school yard the third person entered in Mr. Baghani's class and by showing a note as written summon arrested and left the school by taking him away.
At present, there are six board members of the Iranain Teachers Union in Evin prison.
They are : Mr. Hamid Poorvosugh, Mr. Seyed Mahmoud Bagheri, Mr. Mohammad Taghi Falah, Mr. Aliasghar Montajebi , Mr. Mohammad Reza Rezaie and Mr. Alireza Akbari-Nabi .
Mr. Asadi
a teacher from the city of Karaj was also summoned to the court.
The teachers demand : The harrasment against teachers to stop and their rights and demands be answered.

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