Friday, August 31, 2007

News in brief-
Ensafali Hedayat ( journalist living in exile ) has published a report about violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic in Iran's province of Azarbayjan.
Here is part of this report:
" After wide spread arrest and imprisonment of men activists in the field of Human rights in Azarbayjan of Iran, now the women political -human rights activists is being arrested and imprisoned in Azarbayjan ."
"Based on a reliable news that i have received, Mrs. Shahnaz Gholami was arrested nine days ago by the agents of the Ministry of Information in Eastern part of Azarbayjan and she was transfered to an unknown location for interrogation." said Mr. Hedayat.
"Mrs. Shahnaz is born in the city of Ahar.... She has a daughter and in the begining of revolution she became a member of the Monafeghin Organization (Peoples Mojahedin). At the time of street clashes between Islamic Republic and Mojahedin, she was also arrested and was imprisoned.She was sentenced to death but because she was very young the regime stoped the execution .She spent 3-4 years in prison.After release from prison, she joined the Association of Iran's Women Journalists(roza) . "
In recent months a group of women in Azarbayjan came together to protect the human rights of women in Azarbayjan. Shahnaz has written extensive article about women's right.
Shahnaz isn't the only women arrested or jailed because of her fight for the human rights of women in Azarbayjan. Here is a list of other women:
Ms. Leila Heidari - from Zanjan - has been arrested since 2-3 days ago- She owns a bookstore-
Her husband "Behruz Safari " also an activist has been arrested three months ago.She has no information about her husbands whereabout and she does not know which security or military agents has kidnapped him and in which city or prison he is been kept.
Ms. Atieh Taheri was also the target of the ministries agent but when the agent attended in her home she was not at home but the agents arrested her brother inlaw for questioning .Currently she is being pursued by the agents.
Mr. Saleh Kamrani is the husband of Mina Kamrani . Ms. Mina does not have any information about her husband and the agents from the Ministry of Information wont allow her to see her husband.The agent forced Mr. Kamrani to call his wife and tell her to shut her mouth and not to speak with reporters.
The agents did not allow the wife of Mr. Abas Lesani to attend in her husbands trial. They throw her out of the court room and proceeded the trial in closed door without a defense lawyer .
Tens of women from Azarbayjan have been arrested and imprisoned for just demanding the right to study in their own "Turkish" language. Among these women Ms. Parisa Babaei -fard or Maheny Zanganeli the poet and writer from Azarbayjan is included.After several time being arrested and detained Ms. Maheny left Iran and currently live in Turkey .
Another women who is very active in the human rights of women and children in the city of Tabriz is Ms. Zohreh Vafaei. She owns " Zeynab Pasha "publishing compony. She is also a translator. Her publishing company have been closed many time by the security agents and her business was attacked and the agents have taken with them many of her cultural products.
At the end, i would like to remind that, at present there are many political and human rights activists from Azarbayjan city's spending their time in the Islamic Republic prisons and no news has been reported about these people in print or non print farsi language media including online .

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