Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pic: Shireen Ebadi and her cliet Haleh Eskandari.

News in brief-
Madame Shireen Ebadi the Noble Peace Price Winner and a lawyer send a complaint letter to the UN Human Rights Council against arbiterary arrest in Iran .
Madame Sireen Ebadi who is a lawyer and a human rights advocate has sent a complaint against arbitrary arrests in Iran to the UN Human Rights Council. She is also lawyer of Ms. Haleh Eskandari an Iranian- American researcher.
She demanded from UNHRC to put pressure on Islamic Republic for the immediate release of her client Ms. Haleh Escandari.
she said : Her client as a prisoner was deprived from all legal rights.
She also added that during the last three months she has written many letters to the officials but received no answer.Because of this situation she decided to write letter of complaint to UNHRC

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