Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News in brief-
Iranemrooz-Tuesday Oct.23,2007
Reported from Etemade- Melli newspaper

This regime and Islamic system is all at war with the developement of Iranian society and culture!
Yesterday a notice was sent to all "active book cafe" in the city of Tehran and asking them that; they have time until Wednesday Oct. 24 to vacate their places .
" Amaken" public office in the capital also sent separate notices to other book-cafe including: " Nashre Sales", "Shahre Ketabe Vanak"," Ketabe Roshan" and " Badragheh Javidan" to vacate their premises.
Book-cafe are a places next to bookstore which would bring the author of the books and the readers together for discussion about the book.
This is not the first time the regime acted in closing the book-cafe's.
While the regime is closing the independent book-cafe's , the "Ministry of Guidance and Culture's cafe" are still open and running.
This discriminating policy of the regime is not stopping just here. The regime discriminating policy on other fields like religious minorities and dissent semi-political parties and ....are continous.
Regime was surprised that why every bookstore in the big citys has a book-cafe. Unfortunately during the last 3-4 years ,more than 200 bookstore has been closed because of cafe.
Many writers and cultural activists after hearing this news were angered and demanded the regime to give exact reasons of the closure.

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