Thursday, November 08, 2007

News in brief-
Democracy & Human Rights Activists

On September 2nd , four security agents entered in our house. They introduced themselves as the drug agents, which they lied. After searching the house they took personal properties of our family including the laptop, computer, birth certificate , passport and financial documents . They arrested our father Mr. Mohammad Ali Mansuri ( son of Ali) and took him with themselves. They took picture from all over our house and were not allowing our sister and grandfather who were present at home
to move. They have threatened our sister not to report about this incident to anyone , othervise the family members will face severe consequences.Those four agents told us that, soon they will contact us and will tell us about our father's situation.But now it is 51 days that they didn't make just a call. then our family did everything and went everywhere to get news about our father. Finally l the court of revolution called us and told that our father is in Evin prison.But now after 51 days we do not have any news from our father's situation..........They have told us that our father allegedly charged with " Action against national security" . They told us that; this charge is more worse than murdering several people.They have told us that, we are not allowed to visit our father until his case file is reviewed. At one instance they threatened our brother and told him that ,he will be next to be arrested......It is now close to two months that , we do not have news about our father. They also threatening us for arrest and they do not allow the lawyers to read the file.
Our father was arrested because he had participated in "Khavaran" ( the place where thousands of political prisoners are buried ) for respect to these victims.
We request from the UN Human Rights high commissioner and other human rights organization to follow our fathers case for his immediately release.

Childeren of Mr. Mansuri
October 25,2007

The above report was sent to :
1- Amnesty International
2-UN Human Rights Council
3-UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
4-Human Rights Watch

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