Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Picture: Zahra Kazemi - Said Mortazavi the public prosecutor
News in brief-
ISNA- Nov. 27,2007
The case file of Zahra Kazemi was sent to a qualified court!
Mr. Alireza Jamshidi the spoksperson for the judiciary power,in speaking with ISNA , on the file case of Zahra Kazemi have said:
"This file was brought up in the superior court division and the division found some problems based on the form and qualification of the court which was going to review the case,therefore , the file was sent to a qualified court for decision making."
The judiciary power in Iran must stay independent from political power and not to be bullied by the influentials.
The case of Zahra Kazemi is a clear violation in judiciary power. This case has been going on for many years. Last July 2nd division 15 of the supperior court gave its decision but neither it was announced publicly and nor given to the lawyers of the family and again last November 3 the family lawyer Mr. Seifzadeh protested to judges about dragging the case and the judges promised to finalize the case.
Finally today again Mr. Alireza Jamshidi said the case has problems, in its form and qualification of the court. He said the case is going to be given to a qualified court for decision making.
The only accused of the case is released few years ago and the family believe that there are other culprits behind the murdering ,including Judge Said Mortazavi the Tehran public prosecutor.

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