Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Iran: Human Rights Crimes
An Iranian university student, Ebrahim Lotf Allahi was severely tortured and killed in Kurdistan. In addition Hasan Hikmet Demir, a Turkish national, who had frost damage to both his legs as a result of exposure to severe cold after his prison escape before his arrest by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry, was denied a lawyer and hanged in Iran. Despite the continues crimes committed by the Iranian regime, Trita Parsi and in Hassan Daioleslam's words the Iranian regime’s lobby in the United states continue to play Grand bargain card and buy time for the regime. Justin Elliott at Mother Jones writes: "Parsi has been arguing for a while that Iran is a rational, pragmatic actor in the Middle East, not an uncontainable rogue state on an unswerving path to nuclear holocaust, as the country is so often portrayed." One wonders why the president of the National Iranian American Council and a so called Iran expert and scholar finds the Iranian regime a rational and pragmatic one!

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  • You raise several good questions regarding Dr. Parsi and NIAC - and as one of the founders of NIAC and a current staffer in our DC office, I felt compelled to at least illuminate our perspective on this line of attack that has been pushed against us. I hope your audience reads this with an open mind.

    one: Dr. Parsi's book, Treacherous Alliance and his many articles over the years analyze the Iranian Governments actions in great detail - so for the reasons behind his contention that the government there is rational - one has only to read his writings. There is no reason to guess. In short, and obviously not doing his full tome justice, he has shown that in case after case, incident after incident in the past 28 years, when IRI's ideological and strategic postures have collided, the IRI has chosen the strategic and rational decision over its ideological one. Much of this of course has occurred in the international stage and intentionally has not been reflected in the IRI's rhetoric.

    He contends that since 1993 when Lake's policy of "duel containment" came into effect, the IRI's ideological and strategic interests have coincided, due to the US's decision at the behest of Israeli arguments to attempt to isolate Iran. This is particularly interesting considering the completely reversed roles of these powers during the 80s when such neo-con stalwarts as Michael Ladeen and Israeli statesmen such as Yitzak Rabin were advocates of closer US-Iran military and commercial ties. They were, in that time, pushing for the US to take Iran's side rather then Iraqs.

    two: on the question of Hassan Dia's ludicrous contentions about NIAC's "lobbying" efforts. I need only to point your readership to our refutation of those claims line-by-line and point-by-point as well as our publication of our entire budget for the past 5 years. We have also made available our IRS filings for that period. There is NO question, except in the minds of those wishing to muddy reality regarding NIAC's broad-based support in the community and our absolutely non-existent ties to ANY government.

    I must also add, that these attacks have only come since NIAC took a clear-cut Anti-War position in 2006. Dia's column appeared in the neo-conservative online journal "Frontpage". It is clear where his alliances stand and that his hopes for a military confrontation between the two countries are being effectively challenged by NIAC and our trans-partisan allied non-profit groups in Washington DC.

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