Monday, January 14, 2008

Tuesday Jan. 15,2008
By : Saman Rasoulpour
Yaser Goli's brother after her mother's arrest:
They took away my mom by car
The other day security agents in the city of Sanandaj ( Kurdish city)arrested Ms. Fatemeh Goftari the mother of Yaser Goli the imprisoned student and brought her to detention centre.
Amar Goli the son of Fatemeh Goftari was with his mom when she was arrested. Amar in speaking with Rooz said:
"Yesterday my mom was arrested, my father was also detained a few weeks ago for a week and my brother Yaser is also in prison for four months now."
Amar Goli himself a student in the city of Orumieh , who have recently returned to the city of Sanandaj explained how her mother Ms. Fatemeh Goftari was arrested:
" We were all in the house at 11:00AM when telephone rang, i took the receiver, it was the agent from the Ministry of Information, a person by the name of Hatefi, I recognized his voice, because he was always calling us, so he seemed like a member of the family to us, the caller said: Give the receiver to your mom, i wan na talk to her , my mom talked to him, he told to my mom: come quick to the reporting headquarter and receive some of Yaser's belonging, me and my mom started going to ward the headquarter, we had a bit of distance to the headquarter when suddenly a car ( Pejo -green color) with three passenger stopped in front of us, the passengers came out and arrested my mom and took her away by force with the car,they had an order which was signed by the division number 4 of the court of revolution, and astonished , i just watch their action "
This is the daily story of hundreds or may be thousands of Iranian women and men , students, teachers, workers , minorities, journalists, writers, human rights advocates , women activists , lawyers, film makers and.........This is real drama in Iran.

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