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The students are under torture in Evin prison!

The freedom and equality loving students of the universities in Iran have released a statement and reported of the continuous torture in Evin prison. It has been reported that the students in Iran are worried about more than 30 imprisoned students who are in special security units. These units do not have any communication with the outside world and even it is out of the sight and reach of the Evin prison officials. The political prisoners enter into these special units and without any supervision they go under severe physical, sexual and mental pressure.

The freedom and equality loving students of universities in Iran in a statement reported about torture of students in wards number 209 and 325 in Evin prison. They have reported:

Despite the release of few left wing student activists in cities, yet there are more than 30 of our colleagues in Evin prison and are in solitary confinement in Tehran.

In the 30 years political life span of the Islamic Republic, we have witnessed many people with dissent thoughts , opinions and speech were sentenced to long prison term without any subpoena or sentencing and many of these prisoners never been released and were executed.

Many of those political dissidents who were able to escape to other countries and came alive from these prison’s , in many ways , many times in the form of speech , article , book , film and commemoration events ......have explained about the tortures of themselves or their colleagues in the Islamic Republic's prisons, particularly the horrendous Evin prison.

In recent years the two oppression arm of the Islamic Republic by name the Ministry of Information and the Information of the Guardian Corps of Revolution (Sepah Pasdaran), both supervise a ward in Evin prison which they have separated and control exclusively by themselves without any supervision. The ward number 209 in Evin prison is under the supervision of Ministry of Information and the ward number 325 is under the control of the Information of Guardian Corps…
The labor activists, student activists, political and social activists based on a lottery or division on responsibility of these two security agencies, without any subpoena from Justice Ministry, in street, workplace, home and recently in universities, have faced with sudden attack by the plain cloths agents and after handcuff and blind fold were transferred to one of these arbitrary wards.
For a long time the families, friends, lawyers and the colleagues of the detainees do not know were the prisoner is. Only if the detainees friends report to media about their arrest, that is the time when the detainee make a contact to his/her family to report that: “I’m fine mentally and physically and the prison condition is fine.“
It is only after the release of political prisoners from prison, when a few angles of the horrendous condition of the ward number 209 and 325 comes to light and it is then we can understand what has really went on to the socio-political activists.
Many of freedom and equality loving students were kidnapped in Tehran University and detained on Dec.3 and 4 before student protest on the occasion of Student Day( Dec. 7) .Those who have been arrested on Dec.3,2007 were the organizers of the student protest and those arrested on Dec. 4 were the participants and supporters of the detained students. The first group, were generally attacked by unknown and plain cloths agents and the 2nd group were kidnapped or arrested by sudden attack of the regime’s security forces inside the university or in the streets around the university . The shocking point is that; the home of many well known left wing students was searched by the security forces while they had order from ministry of Information and public prosecutor’s office, but after three weeks the regime denies any information about these students and there is no news about them.

Regretfully, until now, Mr. Saeed Habibi, Mr. Behruz Karimizadeh, Mr.Majid Ashraf Nejad, Mr. Yaser Pirhayati, Mr. Payman Piran and Mr. Mehdi Grailu, the outstanding left wing student forces and members of the radical student for equality and freedom didn’t make any call to their families and the regime is also denying of arresting them and having news about them.

All of the students are banned from their families visiting them. All of the detained students are banned for having lawyer. The lawyers are banned to attend in interrogation sessions. The judiciary and security officials don’t allow the prisoners sign the lawyer-client consent form. All of the detained students are banned for making call to their families. Few of the detained students who were able to phone home and talk with their families were cut short.

To all equality and freedom loving people of the world, to all conscientious people,
The Marxist students of Iran are very worried about the situation of more than 30 of their colleagues who are captive in the wards of the special security forces of Iran. These wards don’t have any communication with outside world and even it is out of the sight of the main Evin prison officials. The political prisoners get into these wards and with the lack of supervision, undergo with severe mental, physical and sexual interrogation for “imparting the information”, “self-accusation”, “breaking the alleged accused”, “false confession”, and “case making”.

While the political prisoners are seated on steel or wooden chair and facing the wall, they are forced to answer the oral or written questions of the interrogators, and these interrogations will continue for several hours and without any break. If the political prisoners won’t cooperate with these interrogators or resist on “self -accusation “will enter into the “black hours”.
The interrogators begins insulting, particularly to all family members, specially they use the most indecent sexual insult to female members of the family of prisoners, the insult together with continued threats and normal punches to the neck and shoulders follows with torture at night.

According to the interrogators, next step starts with those who are the “guard breaker” who have special expertise in beating the prisoners . The prisoners for torture are going to be transferred from the interrogation room to the basement, generator room or special backyard. The voice of the “ guard breakers “are always loud. Rain of insult and threats begins. They ask the prisoner continuously to seat and to stand and the prisoner must choose one between the following their order or receiving punches. At this situation the “ guard breaker “ continuous speaking about the sickness of father or mother , hearth attack of mother upon hearing about detention of her son , having an order from the judge to torture, long time imprisonment and others. As soon as the seating and standing becomes slow, the rain of punching and kicking will force the prisoner to continue the order. Slowly the prisoner becomes weak, tired and feel numbness at his/her foot joints and it is at this point a new stage of pressure by “ guard breakers” start. They order the prisoner to stand on his on foot, for not following the order means continuous punch to the stomach and slaps. Standing on one foot makes the prisoners increases the weakness to the point where it becomes hard to stand on one foot. The “guard breaker “based on experience can quickly recognize this situation. The hitting begins from behind with the external sharp edge of the foot to the knee joints. Every hitting bends the whole knees and destroys the balance and sharp pain begins in the feet. After a few such hitting and then the hitting with the sharp edge of the hand to the neck starts. Punches that falls between the two shoulder blades and on spinal column make the eye sight blurred. The prisoner many times fall in this situation but the “ guard breaker” pour cold water on the prisoner keeping him awake.
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