Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Message from the family of Amiri Elyasi to the people of Iran
(Communique of the committee for the freedom of imprisoned students)

Recently an open letter from the family of Amiri Elyasi whose childeren are imprisoned since Dec. 3, 2007 was received by us.The letter is written to the people of Iran which read as follows:

Around 40 days have past since the arrest of several students of the universities in Tehran on the occasion of the Student Day of Action ( Shanzdah Azar = December 7 each year) which is known as a day of resistance against despotism and imperialism. Based on the length of their arrrest, illegality and maintaining in solitary confinement as well as not allowing the families to visit their loved one , the families are worried for the health of their childeren.The arrest of these students according to the Islamic Republic of Iran's constitution and ariticle 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( that everyone has the rights to free expression ) and article 20 ( that everyone has the rights to form an association and to a peaceful gathering ) is illegal and can't be justified.
We, the families of these students have repeatedly attended to the court of revolution, Evin prison and Assembly of the Islamic Council , but until now we didn't receive any convincing answer about their arrest.
I, Hassan Amiri Elyasi the father of Keyvan Amiri one of the imprisoned student requesting from all the Iranian with their support prepare their immediate and unconditional release.Hoping that one day in this country no one goes to jail just because of their thought and expression.

With respect
Hassan Amiri Elyasi

Furthermore , at the end of this letter Ms. Akram Shahlaei the mother of Keyvan Elyasi wrote a few words to the leader of the Assembly of the Islamic Council Mr. Hadad Adel which reads :
Mr. Hadad Adel and members of the Assembly of the Islamic Council;
I would like to request from you to answre me that; based on what laws our childeren must spend 40 days in temporary detention under the mental torture?If there are laws in this regard, please show us, if there is none, then what is the role of the legislative Assembly? shoulden't you in the legislative Assembly or Judiciary power to stop the government to walk over the laws? If you can't stop them, then what all of you representatives are doing in the assembly which the people of Iran aren't aware?

From: Akram Shahlaei the mother of Keyvan Amiri Elyasi
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